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If testing shows positive, a licensed professional will begin the abatement or removal process and correct the issue.

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Asbestos Removal In Atlanta, GA

Asbestos Ace in Atlanta, Ga has partnered with a premier asbestos removal company and leader in environmental safety Certified Environmental Professionals, LLC. For years, we have provided exceptional asbestos abatement services in Atlanta’s Metro area. Safety is our primary concern during the testing, removal and abatement process.worker removing asbestos roofing

Our professionals in Georgia have the specialized equipment to remove asbestos from any home or business environment, even in areas that aren’t readily visible.

If found, asbestos should only be handled, encapsulated, and/or removed by trained professionals. Asbestos Ace is one of the only companies in Georgia to eco-friendly materials and techniques in asbestos abatement. If asbestos has already gotten into the HVAC system, we have expert methods to remove it.

When faced with the choice to treat and remove asbestos, time is of the essence. This nasty substance can present serious problems for both contractors renovating older structures and the do-it-yourself weekend warrior. If done improperly, asbestos removal can cause health risks like asthma, respiratory issues, and even cancer (in extreme cases including prolonged exposure). Asbestos has a nasty reputation and rightfully so. Until the 1980s, it was an often-used building material before scientists and doctors discovered its harmful long-lasting effects on people. Since that time, contractors have been prohibited from using asbestos during the construction process. It’s great news this harmful substance is not used for building construction any longer. However, for those homeowners or contractors updating older structures, the former construction materials are a burden on the renovation process.

Should You hire an Asbestos Abatement Contractor in Atlanta?

Should you call a professional? That’s an easy question. The simple answer is Yes!

Working with an asbestos removal specialist in Atlanta makes sense for many reasons. Because the substance is toxic once disturbed, it is necessary to remove any trace of asbestos found during the renovation process. You want to ensure you will be turning your home or office over to the experts. Weekend warriors need not apply. When choosing someone to make your home or commercial structure safe from asbestos, it is crucial that you thoroughly research the quality of the company to save both money and time. Asbestos Ace in Atlanta, GA is that company. Our experienced professionals meticulously examine each structure we work on to discover and test areas where asbestos is suspected. We know that we cannot afford to take risks or make mistakes as the health of you and your loved ones are at stake.

During the testing process, our team works carefully to analyze a structure inside and out. In addition to our thorough measures, our staff makes every effort to educate clients about common environmental safety measures along with ways to keep your home or workplace asbestos free. Additionally, we are committed to using green, environmentally friendly materials whenever we can. We go out of our way to keep updated on the latest “green” equipment and techniques available to remove asbestos without employing the harshest methods.

If you’ve been considering getting your house or business inspected and are also thinking about which areas are most generally affected by either product, below is a list of areas that typically have asbestos.asbestos exposure diagram

  • Pipelines
  • Insulation
  • Floor covering or floor tile put down with adhesives
  • Floor tiles (roofing system, many frequently).
  • Paint.
  • Coverings or layers under refurbished structures.

As long as it is not breaking down or otherwise falling apart, asbestos does not present a health risk. A less trained construction crew that tries to eliminate asbestos-infected areas from residential or commercial properties has a much higher risk of vulnerability, as well as direct exposure.

The good news is this: minimizing the threat is simple. Owners of older structures need to talk to an approved asbestos removal business to deal with abatement treatments and also pre-renovation inspections.

If you believe your job site is infected with asbestos, you have a number of options. Understand that various buildings areas are protected given that the harmful substance has actually been forbidden in structures for many years. If you are functioning in commercial and building and construction areas, then you need to routinely take safety and security precautions when dealing with asbestos items. There are overviews as well as descriptions that thoroughly cover procedures to reduce run the risk of direct exposure through the use of protective tools and also training.

Structure planned for consolidated usage (public in addition to personal) along with houses created around the 1980s is the chief source of asbestos exposure. It would definitely be sensible for homeowners as well as developing organizations to choose a certified asbestos abatement company to have their residence or job-site examined for unsafe materials to be thoroughly removed, abiding by rigorous state and also federal government asbestos standards.

How Asbestos Ace Can Help You Deal with Asbestos Issues

Asbestos Ace is more than capable of testing and handling toxic materials. We provide professional asbestos removal services to Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia area.

There are two categories our clients usually fall under:

  • The clients that know they have asbestos in their home, and
  • The clients that are unaware, but their home was built before or during the 1980s

If you know you have asbestos in your home, then don’t waste any more time. Prolonged exposure to this toxic material can lead to issues with breathing or at worst, cancer. Hiring a professional company ensures that your family will be safe from this harmful substance for years to come.

If you are unsure whether you have asbestos in your home, but it was built before or during the 1980s, give us a call! Our experts are highly trained in asbestos testing and remediation, and we’re proud to offer these to the Atlanta area. We have found traces of this material in drywall, popcorn ceilings, pipe & duct coverings, plumbing fixtures, and fireplaces during the asbestos testing process. We are more than happy to visit your home and detect where the substance is located, then fix the issue for you.

The Asbestos Abatement & Removal Process at Asbestos Ace

Our process of removing asbestos from your Atlanta home or office is a simple one. Before we begin the removal process, we’ll schedule a time to come and conduct an asbestos inspection. This is where we collect samples of potential asbestos materials and deliver them to the testing facility. If tests show positive for asbestos, we’ll make recommendations for the removal process. Actual removal is an absolute last resort because of the potential health risks involved. Sometimes it is better to leave it in place. But depending on the reasoning for removal (such as renovations or county orders) we will analyze the material and repair or remove the asbestos.

When it comes to asbestos repair, we can do one of two things:

  • Coat the substance with a sealant to keep fibers from becoming airborne, or
  • Cover it with airtight materials to prevent fibers from becoming airborne

There’s a much higher risk of removal, so it’s much easier and less expensive to seal the material so it doesn’t cause harm. However, if the material containing asbestos in your home or office is damaged, then we will remove it from the premises.

Make Asbestos Ace Your Next Call

Our clients hire us because they expect the highest quality in service. In return, we do our best to ensure your home or workspace is safe and free from asbestos and other harmful substances. Our jobs include everything from schools and hospitals to residential properties and office buildings. Our team is standing by and ready to bring you the best in asbestos testing and removal in the Atlanta area. The sooner you call us at 678-506-2885, the sooner we can help!

Asbestos Removal is performed by Certified Environmental Professionals, LLC #RN051155

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