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When you think about environmental safety, you should think about Asbestos Ace in The Woodlands. The company is known for providing exceptional asbestos removal in The Woodlands, Texas time after time. Your protection and safety is their chief concern throughout any testing, removal and containment procedures.worker removing asbestos roofing

Why should anyone care about this? In many areas of the U.S., asbestos has presented a serious problem for both contractors renovating older buildings and the do-it-yourself weekend warrior looking to make their outdated home modern. The substance has a downright harmful track record and it makes sense. That is because asbestos was a commonly applied component in construction for many years before scientists and doctors identified its damaging long-lasting effects on individuals. Because of that fatal finding, builders have been prohibited from using asbestos throughout the building and construction process. It is terrific news that such a poisonous substance is not used for building construction, but for those property owners or contractors updating older places, the previous process is a burden to the remodeling process.

Many larger cities play host to asbestos buildings and materials. While there are a few common areas with higher asbestos concentrations around the country, states with humid climates have a greater risk of residents coming across asbestos fibers and mold spores in outdated buildings and structures. In fact, some environmental regulation groups estimate the rate of mold to be twice as high in humid and rainy climates that drier, more arid places.


Why you should hire an Asbestos Abatement Specialist in The Woodlands

So, is working with an asbestos abatement specialist right for you? In a word: yes. If you are attempting a home makeover, you need to check for asbestos because the material is now prohibited. In fact, it is a requirement to remove any asbestos found during renovation. And, that process can be costly since it takes the expertise of certified agents to manage the intricate process. When selecting someone to make your home or building asbestos free, it is crucial to thoroughly question a business’s standards. Some things you need to think about include: you are going to be turning your home or office over to the professionals? Are they licensed? What is their area of expertise?

DIY projects are a great way for homeowners to save money, but for the hazardous or unsafe asbestos project, the pros are necessary. Doing your homework requires research so you can  secure a quality organization from the start to do the work right, saving your money and time. Asbestos Ace in The Woodlands is that company. Their professionalism shines through in every job they take on because they examine each projects with a set of fresh eyes. They know they certain risks or mistakes cannot be tolerated, as the health and safety your loved one or employees is on the line.

What happens during our asbestos assessment procedure? Well, our staff works diligently to assess the building from top to bottom. Being careful isn’t the only way they go above and beyond. They also work hard to inform residents about common environmental safety concerns to keep your house or workplace free of mold and asbestos. And, they are green energy lovers!  The company has gone out of its way to stay updated on the latest environmentally friendly equipment and options to get rid of asbestos and mold without utilizing the most poisonous methods.

Even though asbestos is hazardous, mold presents a problem that can rapidly escalate out of control. When mold is not caught early, even a small amount can quickly spread under ideal conditions. Hot, humid, dark areas are places where mold flourishes. Therefore, it is important to tackle mold early to reduce your risk of developing an unsafe living or working area.

If you are thinking about your home or business and considering which areas are most commonly affected either substance, here is a short list of places that usually contain asbestos.asbestos diagram

  • Pipes
  • Insulation
  • Floors or tile put down with adhesives
  • Shingles (roof, most commonly)
  • Paint
  • Coverings or coatings under renovated structures

Something to remember is that people are not at risk for asbestos-related diseases if the substance stays undisturbed. As long as it is not collapsing or otherwise falling apart, asbestos do not pose a health hazard. Once it is disturbed and the fibers are released into the air and inhaled, then there is risk of massive damage if breathed in over a long period of time. That’s why having a reliable, professional company looking over your home is best. An unskilled construction crew that attempts to remove asbestos infected areas from property have an especially high risk of susceptibility and exposure.

The good news is this: reducing this risk is simple. Owners of older properties should speak to an accredited asbestos removal company to handle abatement procedures and pre-renovation inspections.

If you suspect your job-site is contaminated with asbestos, you have a few options. First know that many constructions zones are safe because the harmful substance has been banned in buildings for decades now. However, if you are working in industrial and construction field, then you need to routinely take safety precautions when handling asbestos products. There are guides and outlines that extensively cover procedures to minimize risk the exposure though the use of protective equipment and training.

Building intended for mixed use (public and private) as well as residential homes built around the 1980s are the chief source of asbestos exposure. Therefore, it would be wise for homeowners and construction companies to select a licensed asbestos abatement organization to have their home or jobsite inspected for harmful materials to be carefully remediated, following strict state and federal asbestos guidelines.

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